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The Future Of Payment + Affiliate Management

Recently I've had a bunch of people reaching out to me and asking "what payment platform are you using for your checkout pages - love them!".
I happily tell them, PayKickstart.
What they don't realize is that the beautiful checkout templates they provide, is only scratching the surface as to what they can do to help power my online business.
Selling Tools like...
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[+] Ability to sell digital products/services AND physical goods.
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Conversion Tools like...
[+] One Click Upsells
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Affiliate Tools like...
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I can even download their mobile app for iOS and Android and access my entire account on the go!
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Traffic Backdoor

Discover 8 (eight) unique methods used to generate an avalanche of instant traffic. You may need to watch the youtube video that comes along with it to understand this 8 unique methods never been shown on the internet.

Traffic Spy

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Top Eight Games For You To Play This 2019

I’m a gamer by heart and this 2019, I’ve collected top 8 games to play. This is the year 2019, and now we are also paid to play games. When you play these games, you will also earn rewardicals that can be redeem for cash. Without further adew, let me present to you the top eight games for you to play this 2019.

Grandmaster Poker
It’s not your Grandfather’s Poker! Put together your three best hands of Poker simultaneously, using strategic hand-to-hand moves and timely discards to win prizes, badges, t-shirts and more! You can also earn unlimited Rewardical tokens! Unlimited FREE plays daily! No purchase necessary to win.

Play now: Grandmaster Poker

Zackjack, a TripleClicks exclusive, is Blackjack…with a kick! Put together winning hands to earn badges, prizes, and dominate the leaderboard! You can also earn unlimited Rewardical tokens! Unlimited FREE plays daily! No purchase necessary to win.

Play now: Zackjack

Uber-Picks Sport Games
Sports fans: UP the excitement of following all your favorite sports — NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA (football and basketball), FIFA (EU and NA), and Cricket! Pick the winning teams and maximize your score by strategically assigning “confidence points”. Win badges, shares of the 10,000 Rewardical Zackpot, and compete for the top spots on the international leaderboard! All Uber-Picks games are FREE to enter. No purchase necessary to win.

Play now: Uber-Picks

Card King
Using a standard 52-card deck, with Kings being high, guess if the next card dealt to you will be higher or lower than the previous card. For each correct guess, you’ll score points. The more daring you are, the more points you’ll be awarded. Earn Bonus Points with a long straight or one of five Sidekicks. Post a top 100 score for the day and you’ll win a share of the daily Card King Zackpot. Earn instant bonus prizes and cool badges, too! Play free twice daily, and more games for as little as one TCredit. Earn 10 Rewardicals for every TCredit spent! No purchase necessary to win. Learn more and get tips for winning HERE.

Play now: Card King

Gold Streak
In Gold Streak, your objective is to correctly guess the most popular or least popular answers to fun survey questions. Build one of the longest streaks of correctly-answered questions for the day to earn cool badges, bragging rights, and compete for the top spots on the Gold Streak leaderboards. For more fun, reach the “Streakasphere” each day and compete for the top spots on the Streaks and Poll Points Leaderboards. Play free twice daily, and more games for as little as one TCredit. Earn 10 Rewardicals for every TCredit spent! No purchase necessary to win. Learn more and get tips for winning HERE.

Play now: Gold Streak

Knock-out Trivia
Dazzle everyone with your trivia IQ by outlasting your fellow players answering trivia questions. Dominate the international leaderboard and earn cool badges, too! Play FREE three times daily; more for as little as one TCredit. No purchase necessary to win.
• A game is currently underway. 3 minutes after the current game ends, a new game will begin.

Play now: Knock-out Trivia

Pick The Price
Predict the winning price of upcoming Pricebenders auctions. Score up to 500 points for your price prediction. Then, boost your score by earning bonus points through Sidekicks. Post a top 200 score for the week and you’ll win a share of the big weekly PTP Zackpot. Earn cool badges, too! Play for just one TCredit per auction. No purchase necessary to win.

Play now: Pick The Price

Time Machine
What will the all-time box office rank for GLASS be on Feb. 26th?
Jump in your time machine, visit the future, and determine the answer to our current question (shown above). Predict the correct answer and win the Zackpot (or a share if there are multiple winners), badges, and compete for the top spots on the international leaderboard! Play for just one TCredit. No purchase necessary to win.

Play now: Time Machine


Work From Home Philippines

Work From Home Philippines - is about a blog about a father working at home living in the Philippines. You know how life is too hard in the Philippines and yet with this seven free online business opportunities you can start your e-life so that you can work from home Philippines

I have started working online since 1995 and afterwards worked in various corporations in the Philippines so I will not be working for somebody else that is of a foreign descent, simply put I don't want to be working abroad and leaving my family. If ever I will be going abroad it will be with my family altogether.

There are several reasons why we need to work at home and they are the most obvious ones. Simply you have an entrepreneurial or netpreneurial spirit which you don't allow people to rule over you but you want your own business doing at your own terms. Others are they don't want to commute and stay with the family to enjoy the time with the family.

I will reveal several income opportunities that I saw online and are paying me regularly and I would like to share them to you in the hopes that you will signup after me as an affiliate partner.

Here they are:

1. Resellerspanel - if you are a techie like me, you can right away sell domain names, secure socket layers and webhosting via online. There's no capital to do this actually but you just join in a white-label company called resellerspanel.

2. Revresponse - I like to give away things and stuff that are of value to other people. If you know influential people such as corporation owners, managers, supervisors, and team leaders and those who are entrepreneurial in spirit you can give away U.S. trade magazines and ebooks to them and you earn from U.S.$5.00 to U.S.$20.00 a piece.

3. Zazzle - if you have a talent in art that you can design them via adobe photoshop and/or adobe illustrator like me then this one's for you. Design one time and let your designs appear in t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, slippers, aprons, boots, cellphone covers and more. It's free to start and actually there's no capital provided you already have a computer at home and an internet.

4. Tpmrotator - this is highly for the advanced users those who are internet marketers using safelists, classified ads and traffic exchanges. This is a rotator that will allow you to promote one url or web address and it rotates all your websites on it.

5. Jivochat - this is a chat panel that you see on front of my blog on the lower right. It allows you to chat with you web visitors in real-time so that you can chat them to buy your items if you're selling any or just to build a rapport online.

6. Health and Body Naturals - this is a health and body shop online that has manufactured cbd hemp oil, the latest trend in medicine and health business that shocked the world. Do you know that it has already produced a lot of millionaires? It's free to join in. Join in and create your own health shop.

7. Instant Article Wizard - one sale of this software will give you U.S.$100 in sales. Check it all out.

The above-mentioned companies are all free to join in, they are so-called Free business opportunities that you can join in that will allow you to work from home Philippines



I ran across a company in Ohio selling organic and non-GMO
products for chronic inflammation. All of their products are plant
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I love these products so much that I’ve decided to start selling

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Your U.S.$25.00 Gift Certificate has following features:

    Making a purchase of $25 or more.
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    Not redeemable for cash
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    1 code per household
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P.S. Can you please pass this information along to a friend, family
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